The Inclusive Australian Flag

  1. Who are we?
    How do we include of All Australians in our National Symbol - rather than just remove the Union Jack?
    It is about including Indigenous Australia and all migrants who have enriched our country's heritage,
    plus the spirit of our ANZAC heritage?
    Maybe it even includes a Union Jack that has melted after too many years in the Aussie Sun into the colours of the Earth, The Sky & The Stars...?
    A flag and national symbol to say - "I Love A Sunburnt Country."

  2. When do you think we will have a need for a New Australian Flag?
    Like Canada, New Zealand and Fiji, it is not a case of IF, but a case of WHEN.
    It is now time to include Indigenous Australians in our flag.
    Time also to include them in the Australian Constitution.  
    Maybe both should happen before Queen Elizabeth ceases to rein?
    None of these 3 countries have become a Republic.
    Canada now has one of the most recognized flags in the world.
    In March 2016 New Zealand voted on a national symbol to join Indigenous and European cultures.
    56.6% voted to keep their existing flag - so the confusion with our flag and theirs continues...

  3. When was the current Australian Flag adopted?
    The 1901 competition for Federation. Gazetted in 1903. Flag Act 1953.
    Loyalty to Empire required the Flag of Great Britain in the Canton - The Place of Honour.
    Royal Ascent (QEII) 1954 to become our official Australian Flag.
    Before that, our official National Flag was the Union Jack. (Union Flag of Great Britain)

  4. When did the Aboriginal Flag become an official flag of Australia?
    1995. Two years before backdated copyright was granted by the Federal Court in 1997 to Harold Thomas.

  5. What effect has copyright had of the search for a new Australian Flag?
    Copyright has blocked the Flag search.
    The Aboriginal Flag is the only official national flag in the world that is copyright.
    Many proposed designs that seek to include the full Aboriginal Flag elements will breach copyright.
    Ausflag will not include in their search any flag that has not had the copyright dedicated to Ausflag.
    Many of the best designs are excluded from Ausflag’s search. Exclusion, not Inclusion.
    Ironically, Ausflag has accepted designs that may breach the Aboriginal flag copyright & QANTAS copyright. 

  6. What about replacing the Union Jack with the Aboriginal Flag?
    Harold Thomas - designer in 1971 and copyright holder of the Aboriginal Flag does not support use of the Aboriginal Flag within any new Australian Flag. Carol & Richardson have the exclusive copyright license for production of Aboriginal Flags. Even Aboriginal Australians pay a licence fee to use it commercially.

  7. How did you design the Sunburnt Flag?
    I do not consider that I designed the Sunburnt Flag.
    I discovered the Sunburnt Flag design by simply asking the two flags how they would be mates as one,
    joining our cultures to show Inclusion - Place, not Race. The design was inherent in the flags.
    It was the joining of THE AUSSIE ANZAC SPIRIT and THE DREAMTIME SPIRIT together to say –
    “I Love A Sunburnt Country” to show our Kanyini - Connectedness.

  8. Why did you dedicate the copyright of the Sunburnt Flag to the Australian People on ANZAC Day 2010?
    It belongs to Australia, rather than one individual who discovered it.
    (My late Uncle Bob Berry also conceived exactly the same design).
    I was hugely unimpressed by the 60 Minutes ANZAC Day Flag Debate Debacle filmed the week before,
    plus the Ausflag and Aboriginal copyright effect of exclusion.
    I declared, “Who we are is not subject to copyright.”
    The Sunburnt Flag does not breach the Aboriginal Flag copyright as it neither includes the black nor the solid disc sun. It is the Dreamtime Flag & the Aussie ANZAC Spirit Flag in one inclusive design.

  9. Who are we now and in our future?
    The oldest nation sharing the only island continent in the world to form the newest modern civilization.
    Ancient wisdom and modern discoveries growing together with a blend of many cultures.
    Maybe it is time to honour all of us.

  10. What is the greatest wisdom you have learnt from your Aboriginal friends?
    At Aboriginal Philosophy Week Easter2003 when I was really struggling with life, Uncle Bobby Randall
    (a Traditional Owner of Uluru and a member of the Stolen Generations) gave me the greatest insight to my heart:
    Stephen. Everything in Life is a Gift you bring to yourself from your Soul.
    Don’t be angry with your Soul for wanting you to grow.”

  11. Which Aboriginal Australian has captured your heart?
    Auntie Ali Golding - my 'Adopted Aboriginal Mum' - a privilege to share friendship, wisdom, love and respect since 1983 meeting her and daughter Linda. Linda became a judge for the International Children's Peace Prize for Australia & New Zealand from 1984 to 1988. Linda represented Australia at the age of 13 on the 1985/86 Children As The Peacemakers tour of children and world leaders of the Eastern Bloc, from Christmas Day guests of Pope John Paul II
    to the Kremlin for the Documentary - "To Russia with Hope" at the start of 1986 - The International Year of Peace.
    Ali is an extraordinary Biripi woman who raised her family on The Block in Redfern with her British husband Peter Golding. - Theirs was one of the earliest marriages joining two cultures. I grew to love and respect this family of big hearted people, including her sister Anne Morris, their kin and their friends.

  12. Why is there no black in the Sunburnt Flag?
    It defines “Place - not Race.”

  13. What has become of the Union Jack?
    In 1998 a Sunburnt Flag was sent to Her Majesty with the message:- "After too many years in the Aussie Sun the Union Jack has melted into the colours of the Earth, the Sky & Stars - like any Pom left in the Aussie Sun too long."

  14. Do you think Australia Day should be changed?
    I believe that when Indigenous Australia is included in Our Constitution and Our Flag that
    ANZAC Day will become the Preeminent Day in Australia.
    Australia Day marks the start of the journey to joining of many cultures in one place.
    Indigenous Australians fought first the wars of Dispossession, then the Stolen Generation and they fought for Australia and the British Empire in both World Wars plus Vietnam without actually being Australian Citizens until the 1967 Referendum. We had decimal currency before they had citizenship...
    We finally said SORRY - PM Kevin Rudd 2008.
    Time now for is our future beyond Dispossession. A new era can start with an inclusive national symbol -
    joining our cultures - An Inclusive Flag, An Inclusive Constitution:-  Inclusion -  Not Exclusion. Place -  Not Race.
    We are all connected with the Spirit of Kanyini / Mateship and we need to build on this spirit with love & respect.

  15. What other good designs are available?
    Flags Australia: The Flag Society of Australia is an independent organization devoted to the study of flags.
    In September 2
    015 they hosted the 26th World Congress of Vexillogists (Flag Experts). This coincided with Australia's National Flag Day ( 3 September) and by coincidence - the release of the 4 proposed New Zealand new flag designs, plus the Fiji national flag search. March 2016 NZ voted on their flag change. The organization website has a great article by Ralph Kelly on proposals for a New Australian Flag, including illustrations of both Ausflag and independent designs. See

  16. Private Designs include:-
    Fred Rieben
    Brett Moxey
    Yahoo Serious
    Brendan Jones Reconciliation Flag 
    John Williamson True Blue Flag
    Russell Kennedy Reconciliation Flag
    James Parbery, All Australian Flag

  17. Returns Policy. Sunburnt Flag Goods may be returned (if unused) - for a refund or exchange excluding delivery costs.
Fred Rieben – Flag Oz

Fred Rieben – Flag Oz

Sourthern Horizon Flag


All Australian Flag - James Parbery

The sailor with the flag

All Australian Flag - Red Ensign

Reconciliation Flag

Brendan Jones - Reconciliation Flag